The Classic Pontiac

1926 Pontiac

1926 Pontiac - Serial Number 1
1926 Pontiac Series 6-27 Coupe - Serial Number 1

1926 was the year Pontiac was introduced as a companion car to the Oakland. Pontiac offered the Model Series 6-27 as a 5-passenger 2-door Coach, or a 2-passenger 2-door coupe.

The engine was an L-head inline (split-head) 6 cylinder generating 40 brake horsepower at 2400 rpm, fed by a Carter one-barrel carburetor.

Both models rode on a 110 wheelbase, and were 151-1/4 inches long. Rear wheel only mechanical brakes did their best to stop the car.

The coupe featured landau bars on the roof and was finished in light sage green with Faerie Red Striping with black fenders. The Coach had a foot rest, dome light and carpeting and came in Arizona Gray, also with black fenders.

The double-beaded bodies were by Fisher with Vision & Ventilation windshield and automatic windshield wipers. All windows were plate glass. Three-level fenders set off the front of both cars. The Indian head mascot rode atop the honeycomb radiator and drum-style headlights and a wrap-around sun visor finished out the look.

In August 1926, Pontiac introduced an additional body style. Sold as an early 1927 model, the 4 Door Landau Sedan had a leather-covered top with decorative landau bars. In November of 1926, a Deluxe version was added to the Landau and Coupe. Deluxe upgrades included nickel-plated bumpers and fender guards, mohair upholstery, foot-operated headlight dimmer switch and a newly designed sun visor with exposed brackets.

Additionally, new colors were available on all models: the coupe came in blue with a red stripe; the coach was offered in blue or gray with an orange stripe. Landaus came in green with a red stripe. Peter Pan Blue with matching fenders were a choice on the Deluxe models.