The Classic Pontiac

1941 Pontiac

1941 Pontiac
1941 Pontiac Deluxe Torpedo taxicab

In 1941 all Pontiacs became "Torpedo's". All models were available with either a six or eight cylinder engine. Starting at the low end with the Deluxe Torpedo; next came the Streamliner Torpedo (with Super Streamliner sub-series), and the Custom Torpedo topped the lineup.

The Deluxe Torpedos utilized the GM A body; the Streamliner Torpedo the GM B body; and the Custom Torpedo the extra-large C body. With all models, headlights were fully recessed into the fenders and the grille consisted of a narrow vertical bar with horizontal bars extending out meet vertical trim bars beneath the headlights. Parking lights were perched between the top two bars of the grille. Chrome trimmed "Speed lines" graces the front and rear fenders.

All Six cylinder engines were displaced at 239.2 cubic inches and generated 90 brake horsepower at 3200 rpm. The Eights were displaced at 248.9 cubic inches with output of 103 brake horsepower at 3500 rpm.