The Classic Pontiac

1932 Pontiac

1932 Pontiac
1932 Pontiac Series 301 Convertible Coupe

In 1932 the merging of Oakland into Pontiac was complete. The Oakland brand disappeared. Pontiac introduced its Series 302, featuring Pontiac's first V8 engine in a 117 inch wheel-base car that was essentially a re-badged Oakland. The engine was the rough-running Oakland V8 and only lasted for the 1932 model year.

The Pontiac Sixes (Series 402) featured a longer wheel base: 114 inches. The styling featured a longer, wider body without the exterior sunvisor. The slanted windshield, a V-shaped grille with vertical bars and four verticle vent doors in the hood sides augmented the design. Custom models sported dual horns and front fender mounted ligthts. The sixes had an Indian in a Circle as hood ornament.

The Pontiac V8 (Series 302), was a continuation of the 1931 Oaklands. Featuring a V-shaped grille, interial sun visors, and vent doors on the hood, the V8 hood ornament was a bird with raised wings.