The Classic Pontiac

1935 Pontiac

1935 Pontiac
1935 Pontiac Six cabriolet

1935 ushered in some significant new designs and features for Pontiac. A new "waterfall" grille that continued over the top of the hood to the cowl, dubbed "Silver Streak" trim became one of the motifs that defined Pontiac until the mid 1950's. GM's "Turret-top" designs, which eliminated fabric inserts in the cars' roof, went a long way in preventing injury and death during roll-over accidents. Hydraulic brakes and "suicide door" hinges on the front doors were also innovations for 1935.

After a couple years absence, the Pontiac Sixes returned in both Series 701-B Standard Six and the Series 701-A Deluxe Six. The beefed up sixes produced only 4 horsepower less than the Pontiac Eight. The eight cylinder engine appeared in the Series 605 Deluxe Eight. The Standard Six was the bare-bones model, with non-synchronous first gears in the transmissions and solid I beam front axels. Parking lights on the front fenders weren't offered and only one taillight was standard.

The Deluxe Six models featured the "Knee-Action" front suspension, and all gears were synchronized in the transmission. Parking lights on front fenders and an optional second taillight were offered.

The Pontiac Deluxe Eight was identified with a "Pontiac Eight" grille badge and the car road on a 4-5/8 inch longer wheelbase than the Sixes, although the body length was the same as the Sixes.