The Classic Pontiac

1964 Pontiac

1964 Pontiac
1964 Pontiac

Standard size Pontiacs basically remained the same with just minor facelifts, except that they did grow about an inch longer.

Body styles available were Catalina, Star Chief, Bonneville, and Grand Prix.

Engine options were the 389 V-8 with horsepower ratings from 267 and the low end to the top end triple 2-barrel carbureted Tri-Power V-8 rated at 330 horespower.

The 421 H.O. engine was available on all "B" body models with horsepower ratings from 320 to 350 horses for the triple carburated version.

The Tempest was lengthened to a 115 inch wheelbase, which made them "intermediates" rather than compacts. The Tempest featured more geometric lines of the A body, which was now shared with the Chevrolet Chevelle, Buick Special & Skylark, and the Oldsmobile F85 and Cutlass models. The Tempest had a split grill with quad headlights, but unlike the standard size cars the headlights were aligned horizontally.

Mid-year Pontiac introduced the "GTO", a Tempest LeMans outfitted with the GTO option package.