The Classic Pontiac

1940 Pontiac

1940 Pontiac Deluxe Eight station wagon
1940 Pontiac Deluxe Eight station wagon

The design feature that most readily distinguishes the 1940 Pontiacs from the 1939 model is that in 1940 the headlights are integral part of the fenders. Other design changes: the center horizontal grille has been replaced with a solid center rail that wore chrome trim that was a continuation of the "Silver Streak" hood trim. To each side of the center rail were larger grilles sporting horizontal bars. The front bumper was divided into two pieces and on the inboard side capped off with bumper guards. These were connected by two or three horizontal bars giving the front end a lighter look.

Overall Pontiacs for 1940 had larger, more streamlined bodies.

The 1940 Pontiacs featured an "alligator" type hood with 3 sets of 7 ventilation louvers on the side.

For 1940 the Quality Six became the Special Six. New in 1940 was the top end Pontiac Torpedo Eight. It adopted of the Fisher "C" body, shared with the larger Oldsmobiles, Buick Limited and Cadillacs. The Pontiac Torpedo Eight had "wing" vent windows in the front (and in the rear on the sedans), keyed door handles, and the gas filler cap was under a flip-up cover. Streamline fender skirts were an option.

A single side-mount spare was an option on the Pontiac Deluxe Eight station wagon.