The Classic Pontiac

1965 Pontiac

1965 Pontiac
1965 Pontiac

The Tempest LeMans/GTO body grew three inches longer for 1965. "Coke-bottle" contours on the rear fenders gave the cars a sleeker look.

The standard size Pontiacs featured minor design changes, including front fenders cut back to "reveal" the sides of the headlights give more of a "fast forward" look. Low "side fins" on the side of the car extended from the front of the front door to the rear bumper.

Available models remained unchanged.

Engines on the standard models ranged from a 256 hp 389 cu. in.
V-8 up to a 356 hp 431 cu. in. V-8. Tempest engines available were the 215 cid inline six rated at 140 hp to the 325.8 cu. in. 285 hp
V-8. The GTO option engines were a 335 hp 389 or a 360 hp version of the same engine.