The Classic Pontiac

1929 Pontiac

1929 Pontiac four-door Sedan
1929 Pontiac 4-door Sedan

Pontiac for 1929 took many of its design cues from the British Vauxhall (which GM acquired in 1926). A vertical divider enhanced the radiator grille and larger bullet-shaped headlights rounded out the look of the front end. The model year started with nicely done horizontal louvers on the hood, but engine heat tended to cause them to warp. They were replaced in May with vertical louvers.

The engines of the 1929 Pontiacs were bored to 3-5/15 and the stroke increased to 3-7/8, the engine now put out a perky 60 brake horsepower at 3000 rpm.

Pontiac added a collapsible rear roof section to the Landaulet and its first true convertible (folding top with roll-up windows), the Convertible Cabriolet.

1929 was the last year that Pontiac had mid-year release of the next model year cars. For the second half of 1929, Pontiac cut the one-year-only Landaulette Sedan and Convertible Cabriolet from its offerings.